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Martens Grove


Grade: Borough Grade II | Area: 14.3 ha


Free public access (all/most of site)


This large park contains a substantial area of steep-sided woodland, with a parkland area of grassland and flower beds. It occupies part of the former grounds of Marten's Grove, a 19th century house that was demolished in the 1930s.


The main tree species in the woodland is oak, with elm, sycamore and sweet chestnut also growing here with a shrub laying including broom. The ground layer is dominated by bramble with a good range of other species, including bluebell, wood-sedge, enchanter's-nightshade, dog's mercury, wood sage, common calamint, butcher's broom and wood anemone. Breeding birds include nuthatch, treecreeper and green and great spotted woodpeckers. Purple hairstreak butterflies are common in the woodland. Although close-mown, some of the grassland is acidic in character and contains species such as parsley-piert and mouse-ear hawkweed. Slender St. Johns wort is also present.


Playground; tennis courts


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